Where To Sell Sports Cards

Sports cards collecting does not only involve buying, maintaining, and displaying cards.  Sometimes, collecting would also involve letting go of some sports cards especially when a collection is growing. For many business-minded sports enthusiasts, this is an opportunity for profit.  True, selling sports collectibles and investing in sports cards is a lucrative venture.


But where can you sell your sports cards?  Before discussing the possible avenues, here are some important points to remember in selling sports trading cards.  Selling sports cards is not just about putting any sports cards for sale and wait until someone likes to buy them.  You need to realize that there are cards that are (and are not) worth selling – the types that would tell your customers and fellow collectors that you are not wasting their time. To know whether your cards can be sold, consider the factors like condition or state of the card, its age, and rarity.  Also pay attention of special features like sports autographs and rookie sports cards.

It is generally discouraged to sell cards which have deteriorated (with chipped edges, wrinkles on surface, etc.) unless you are selling a very rare and valuable vintage baseball card like a T206 Honus Wagner. It can be worth $300,000 even when in poor condition (good condition could be worth more than $2 million).  The state of the card will be determined through sports cards grading which will be done by third party sports authenticators. Talking about grading, graded sports cards also offer you a premium. Therefore, it is advised that you send your collection to professional grading services.  While high grades would correspond to high values of sports cards, low graded sports trading can also be more expensive than those without the grade.

Make sure that while your cards are not yet sold, you store and keep it in good condition. Protect them from moisture and air by placing them in plastic sleeves, top loaders (thin casing), sports cards albums, storage boxes and other sports cards collecting supplies.

Be sure to make secure packaging when your cards are in transit (e.g. during the times you send the sports card for grading or when you deliver them to your customers). Place them inside sturdy boxes and fill the box with packing foam or the like materials.